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Projects, companies, and organizations listed A to Z by name below for for your convience.

If you'd rather see where projects, companies, and organizations are listed by subject rather than by name, go here- DesignScience yellow pages by subject

To learn how to add new projects, companies, or organizations, go here- WhatsaWiki.


[Applied Synergetics]: (Proj - Prog - Contrib/financial/mindpower) is dedicated to the development of technological solutions to problems encountered in a wide array of fields and industries. Developed by RickBono?, who wrote the geodesic-calculation software called "Dome", which you can download from his site. It is also host to the [Design Science Workshop] online forum.
Atmospheric Condensers: (Proj - Prog - Support/financial) This is a topic of continuing discussion on the clean-water mailing list (see below). The idea is to use off-the-shelf and relatively inexpensive dehumidifier technology to draw water out of the air wherever it may be needed around the planet, without relying on pipes, centralized distribution, or risking possible groundwater contamination. This would be combined with other tools for improving living conditions (see Emergency Shelter Kits, below) to impoverished and disaster-torn areas planetwide. This is a mature project that merely needs financial backing in order to begin purchasing and delivery of units already being manufactured by a diverse and robust industry. Detailed explanation and further links are at http://reality.sculptors.com/support-projects.html
[The Autonomous House]: (Proj - Prog - Support/financial) The autonomous house is a shelter system that provides for all of its occupants' needs, while remaining independent of many of the umbilical cords that are commonly connected to homes (pipes, wires, roads, etc.) More details and links to other autonomous house projects are at RealitySculptors:Autonomous_Houses


[Beautiful Code]: (Proj) is a site run by Gerald do Jong, who writes software that does look beautiful. He has developed Java-based tools that allow people to play with the SynergeticGeometry? of R. Buckminster Fuller. He calls it "elastic interval geometry", and it really [must be seen] to be beleived. (See also "Fluidiom", elsewhere in this list.)
[BFI or Buckminster Fuller Institute]: (Org): BFI is devoted to advancing Humanity's Option for Success, inspired by the principles articulated by Buckminster Fuller.


[Changing World Technologies Inc.]: (Comp) CWT is the owner and developer of processes that convert industrial waste and low-value streams into fuels, oils, gases and carbons, with no hazardous emissions into the environment.
The [clean-water mailing list]: (Org - Support/financial/mindpower) focuses on issues surrounding how to supply safe, reliable supplies of clean water to the people of earth.


[Design Science Labs]: (Org) is the website of Michael Stutz, who has a lot of interesting links, ideas, and resources. Of particular interest to folks here may be his [Design Science License], which is sort of like the [GNU] "Copyleft" idea, but applied to the work of Design Scientists, rather than just to computer programmers. (This should probably also be cross-linked in the other page, by subject, if someone wants to do that...)
[Design Science Toys]: (Comp) produces many of the model kits that Design Scientists love to play with, learn from, and use teach others the concepts of Design Science. Lots of goodies there. Check 'em out!
The [DomeHome Companion Site]: (Org - Support/mindpower) is the web presence of the DomeHome? mail list; an online community of dome dwellers.
[Domesteading]: (Org - Support/mindpower) is a mail list focusing on aspects of independent, off-the-grid living, shelter systems, and design aspects of autonomous houses.


[The Eden Project]: (Org) The Eden Project is a global garden for the 21st century and beyond located in Bodelva, St Austell, Cornwall, PL24 2SG, United Kingdom, T: +44 (0)1726 811911, F: +44 (0)1726 811912.
Emergency Shelter Kits: (Proj - Prog - Support/financial) This is a long-standing project and frequent topic of discussion on the Domesteading list (see above). The idea is to produce extremely inexpensive dome structures in extremely large quantities (tens of millions, for starters) and to bring them, and other tools for improving living conditions to impoverished and disaster-torn areas planetwide. This is a mature project that merely needs financial backing in order to begin manufacture and delivery of basic shelter units and off-the-shelf life support technologies. Detailed explanation and further links are at http://reality.sculptors.com/support-projects.html


[Fluidiom]: (Proj) is a virtual world inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller and developed by Gerald de Jong. It provides software tools for realtime, interactive exploration into the world of elastic interval geometry. (See also "Beautiful Code", elsewhere in this list.)
[Foghouse Productions]: (Comp) Foghouse Productions headed up by Jeff Rowlings and Rich Baker, have produced an excellent play "R.Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE", written and directed by D.W. Jabobs and performed by Ron Campbell. It is an excellent play that explores the writings, life and ideas of Buckminster Fuller. Tickets can be purchased by calling 415-626-DOME or online at www.foghouse.com. Now in it's 5th smash month running at Project Artaud Theater (San Francisco), the lobby features at 26' diameter geodesic dome (provided by Timberline Geodesic); work by Bucky associates Ruth Asawa and Werner Krutein; and displays, info, books, videos, toys and Bucky-talk by the folks from GENI and BFI. TIckets from $25 to $35. "Pay What You Can" night every first Wednesday of the month. For much more info, schedules, reviews, inside info and more... go to http://www.foghouse.com.


[GENI or Global Energy Network Institute]: (Org - Support/financial) This came out of the World Games that Bucky led as the primary most important thing we need to address first for humanity to succeed 100%. Peter Meisen heads it up with help from Paul-Michael Dekker.
[GEODESIC]: (Org - Support/mindpower) is an email list that has been the gathering place for those interested in Bucky since 1989. Over the years, this community has grown to focus on aspects of SynergeticGeometry? and geodesic math. A good resource if you're into geometry, structure, and some of Bucky's philosophy behind Synergetics.
Geodesic Hub Manufacture & Greenhouse Kits: (Proj - Prog - Support/financial) This is an outgrowth of work on the Autonomous House (see above) and involves plans to bring the current hub designs to market and produce the means to build inexpensive structures (greenhouses, shelters, etc.) in large quantities. This is a crucial preliminary step on the way to completing the Autonomous House designs. Detailed explanation, rationale, and projected costs are at http://reality.sculptors.com/support-projects.html
[Geo Fusion:] (Comp) Geo Matrix technology provides an increased sense of realism with world-wide datasets through features such as continuous level-of-detail while zooming, terrain morphing between resolution levels, and a multiple globes capability that allows for clouds layers, overlays, multiple planets, etc. Now that's what their web site says. Now for a word of my own. What these guys have done is amazing. They've created a software that allows a user to go from viewing the dog walking down the street in say Santa Cruz CA. to a global view in two seconds. And if you want to then check out the streets of Paris spin the globe and zoom in and there you looking at the streets in Paris. This is more than cool. The applications are endless, far beyond just looking at the earth up close and far away. What's cool here is their ability to zoom in and out in real time to a endless level of physical dimention. Keep your eyes on these guys!


[Hope Magazine]: (Comp - Prog - Support/financial/editorial) A magazine devoted to people who step off the tredmill and pick up whatever tools they're good at to make a difference for humanity's betterment. Super inexpensive subscription fee, and an excellent place to see Design Science Revolutionists up close.
[Hydroponic Food Production] (Proj - Prog - Support/financial/mindpower) ties in with the "Geodesic Hub Manufacture & Greenhouse Kits" project, above, to produce a low cost, [high yield], decentralized method of food production for the world. Hydroponics is an excellent candidate because it does not rely on rich, fertile soil for success. Hydroponic gardens could be set up in deserts and wastelands and still bring fresh, healthy food to people in far-flung regions of the planet. This is an ongoing research project (and tasty hobby!) for PatrickSalsbury and [Stacie Wolny]
[Hypercar, Inc.]: (Comp - Support/financial) was incorporated in 1998 to design, develop, and market integrated advanced technologies and engineering services for the automotive industry. Grown from the conceptual work of Amory Lovins at the Rocky Mountain Institute (See below), Hypercar, Inc. hopes to revolutionize the auto industry and the world by completely rethinking the design of the automobile from the ground up.


[Icosa VIllage ]: (Comp - Prog - Support/financial) Manufacturers of The Pod folding Shelter.

Inspired by the dymaxion vision of R. Buckminster Fuller, we bring you pod! Easy - Only a few simple parts, and no math to figure, almost anyone can put one together. Versatile - From wicked urban lot, to chill rural setting, the pod is a portal to personal freedom. And it's cheap! The simple folding panels create an exceptionally vibrant space. One of Time Magazines "coolest inventions of 2002"


[Joe S Moore's Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute]: (Org - Support/financial) JoeMoore? is a highly respected individual who has collected by far the largest collection of material related to Bucky Fuller. A very helpful guy, and a highly recommended resource.



[Living Machines, Inc.]: (Comp) Inspired by ecosystems as old as the Earth itself, Living Machines, Inc. designs and operates Living Machines®, revolutionary natural wastewater treatment and reclamation systems that accelerate Nature's own water purification process. This is a commercial outgrowth of the pioneering work of biologists JohnTodd? and NancyJackTodd? in the realm of Ecological Design. (See also Ocean Arks International, below.) Living Machines, Inc. is no longer affiliated with John Todd or Ocean Arks International.


[MBDC or Mc Donough Braungart Design Chemistry]: (Comp) Mc Donough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC (MBDC), is a product and process design firm dedicated to revolutionizing the design of products and services worldwide.
[Mountain Truss Domes] (Proj - Prog - Support/financial) has plans available for inexpensive dome fabrication and links to related topics. The site is run by Robert Conroy.
The [MSN Buckminster Fuller Group]: (Org - Support/mindpower) features photos, a message board, chat room, and other info/resources related to Bucky.



[Ocean Arks International]: (Org) A non-profit organization founded by John and Nancy Todd (inventors of the living machine) to develop ecological technologies for water purification, food production and urban agriculture, bioremediation of polluted ecosystems, and other strategies for integrating natural systems into the built environment. We also teach workshops on ecological design and work with k-12 schools and universities to create living laboratories for hands-on learning.
[OSEarth, Inc.]: (Comp) is developing "An Operating System for Earth". This has grown from the World Game Institute (See below) project. They produce tools to help with global simulation, to raise awareness of our mutual cohabitation of "Spaceship Earth". Notable projects of theirs include:




[Real Goods]: (Comp) Real Goods is a pretty large company selling everyting from cutting edge solar systems to quirky gimicky items. They put on a great solar fastival each year, and their site says more than you'd ever want to read on sustainability.
[Reality Sculptors]: (Org - Prog - Support/financial/mindpower) is host to a bevy of DesignScience related projects focused on how to make the world work. It is also the location of this Wiki. :-)
[RMI or Rocky Mountain Institute]: (Org - Support/financial) RMI is an entrepreneurial nonprofit organization that fosters the efficient and restorative use of natural, human and other capital to make the world more secure, just, prosperous, and life sustaining. They're up to some pretty cool stuff including the Hypercar (See above).


[Sun Catcher Systems]: (Proj - Prog - Support/tech/financial) Sun Catcher Systems is a system for redirecting direct sunlight invented by LeifurThor. Some of the benefits are portable skylights, energy collection systems, and free high wattage lighting for the movie industry. It enables a person who's on the bottom floor of a multi-story building to have a skylight in their apartment or office. Especially useful to renters because you can take it when you leave, because there's no hole in your roof needed.

[Synergetics on the Web]: (Proj) is maintained by KirbyUrner? 4D Solutions. It's an online version of Bucky Fuller's "Synergetics" 2-volume work, which formed the basis for much of his philosophy, geometry, and many of his projects. Those interested in SynergeticGeometry? should check this out.
The [Synergy Ball]: (Proj - Fini - Available for purchase) is an inexspensive paper model kit based on tensegrity that allows the builder to explore concepts of synergy, structure, and geodesics. It was developed by PatrickSalsbury and is being produced by Design Science Toys (See above.)


[The Thomas Register of North American Manufacturers]: (Comp) is a treasure trove for anyone working in design. Their site has free registration, and gives you access to info and listings for more than 170,000 different companies in North America that will help you to produce whatever it is you dream up.
[Timberline Geodesics]: (Comp) For more than 30 years, Timberline Geodesics has been dedicated to designing Timberline Geodesic Dome packages that make it easy, practical and affordable for people to construct their own homes. They are a leading manufacturer and designer of geodesic domes used for housing and commercial applications. Based in Berkeley, CA since 1969, Timberline had domes built in all fifty states and many foreign countries. They can be reached at 1-800-DOME-HOME (1-800-366-3466) or at http://www.domehome.com/




[WIGET or Wing in Ground Effect Train]: (Proj - Prog -Support/financial/technical) The WIGET is a alternative high speed low cost, alternative rail system, which utilizes ground effect and redefines the definition of rail transportation.
[William Mc Donough + Partners]: (Comp) An internationally recognized design firm practicing ecologically, socially, and economically intelligent architecture and planning in the U.S. and abroad.
[World Game Institute]: (Comp - Support/financial) One of Bucky's ideas was to play livingry games rather than war games. The World Game Institute is the result of this endevor. They've been up to some great stuff lately.
[Worldwatch Institute]: (Org - Support/financial) publishes the ongoing "State of the World" book series, which is a great resource for Design Scientists. It gives detailed research reports and information on current world issues, and problems heading our way.



The [Yahoo Design Science group]: (Org - Support/mindpower) features images, discussion, a chat-room, and other Bucky-related info.


Guidlines for Understanding and Editing

Understanding the posts

Proj = Project

Comp = Company

Org = Organization and/or Non Profit

Prog = A project that is under way though not completed

Fini = A project that has been completed

Support = A project that needs physical, technical, or financial assistance. If you want to help with your experience, check out what kind of help each project needs. Note:If you are adding someone to the list and use the Support please mention here or in the detail page what kind of support your project, company, or organizations needs.

Sample Listing

The Eden Project: (Org - Support/financial) The Eden Project is a global garden for the 21st century and beyond located in Bodelva, St Austell, Cornwall, PL24 2SG, United Kingdom, T: +44 (0)1726 811911, F: +44 (0)1726 811912. /EdenProjectDetails.
So what does this tell us eh? We know it's an organization, and whatever the Eden Project is, we know it's done. We know that it has to do with plants, and where it's located. We know the phone, and best of all, we have a link at the end going to a page with further details about what it is. Get the idea?

Editing the Posts or Page

If you don't know how to add or remove content, learn it here AddRemoveContent.

Note:If you decide to add a design science project, company or organization here, please give the one sentance description on this page, and then create a page with further info and links there. Of course you can just put the link to the company on this page, but as a community we'd rather hear your take on why you think it should be included before we go there ourselves. Thanks :-)

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