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R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE

This page is meant to serve as an online community start-point for the tens of thousands of people who have seen the play about BuckyFuller? that has been put on in San Francisco and elsewhere. It is hoped that people who are inspired by the play will begin to self-assemble here and share/expand/grow as a community while learning more about the ideas and work of R. Buckminster Fuller and figuring out what sort of role they'd like to play in trying to MakeTheWorldWork?.

The play itself was put on by [Foghouse Productions] and starred Ron Campbell as R. Buckminster Fuller in a one-man show that sets your mind racing and leaves you wanting more...much more! It's finished its THIRD San Francisco run after two very successful runs in 2000 and some travel to other cities in the interim. It was extended several times, and played until August 24th, 2003. This was the last extension on a very long and successful run.

You can see more photos and reviews on the Foghouse site:

(These links may expire, since the show ended Aug 24, 2003. If so, you may view the locally cached-copies via the above links.)

A review written by PatrickSalsbury after seeing the first run of the play is [here]

Do you have any thoughts after seeing the play? Consider posting a review on the /Reviews? page. Or ask something on the /QuestionsAndAnswers? page.

There are also MANY online resources, web pages, and mailing lists where people discuss Bucky's work. You can find and add to the ever increasing list over on the DesignScienceCommunity:GrowingList page. This is a separate wiki devoted to the world of DesignScience. There is also a DesignScienceCommunity:BuckyShow page over there, although that should probably be merged into this one.

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