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August 7, 2004: "Learning about Learning" encyclopedia editorial board workspace created

LearningLearning is the start of an editorial workspace for use by the folks who are affiliated with the Learning Alliance Network (LAN) http://www.gozarks.com/lan/

Comments on the project are warmly welcomed at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CCL-LLCs/ and more information about this work may be acquired at http://www.creatinglearningcommunities.org


August 2, 2004: Conway Earth Day 2005 workspace created.

Thanks for fixing the login, Pat. I'm adding a page for Conway EarthDay 2005 http://www.gozarks.com/earthday/ and inviting the others who are working on this project to come and play in this workspace!!!

Wonderful! Thanks for reminding me about the problem and helping me to bump up its priority! It had been broken for months, and might have stayed broken, had you not mentioned it. :-) --PatrickSalsbury

Well... all I can say is that it's a joy and a pleasure to know you <grin>!!! ~Christine


Okay... I've done a bit of organizing.

Thus you will find this workspace now has 3 pages:

And, just for clarity, my purpose in creating this section is to discover and create purposeful tools for accomplishing the Disaster Relief concept and project (see Page Index, above) that is "one of the long-standing topics of discussion on the [Domesteading] mailing list."

With that said, please allow me to say "Hello and WELCOME!!!" I'm so glad you're here.

If you'd like to discover a little about me and my family...

...have a seat on that log by our Sassafras Wilds campfire -- http://www.sassafraswilds.net

If you'd like to glimpse something about what I do with much of my living...

...step into my "Gozarks: Everything Ozarks" parlor -- http://www.gozarks.com

And if you'd like a peek at the domehome we are steadily building...

...have a gander -- http://www.sassafraswilds.net/domehome/sassafrasplans/floorplans.htm So... What's up with you?


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