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Introduction to Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science

by PatrickSalsbury

Note: Aside from being my presentation notes during the Fall 2001 lecture series for JohnBelt's design classes at [Oswego State University] (and again in Spring and Fall of 2002 on subsequent visits), this page was also an experiment in demonstrating how to use Wiki software in a dynamic group situation, rather than a traditional whiteboard for note taking. (This principle was explored again July, 2002 when members of the WorldFutureSociety used this wiki to capture the ongoing discussions, URLs, and results of workshop discussion.) Please check the Professional Futurists page for a more detailed report on how it went.

People in both the design classes and the Futurist workshop were able to ask questions and we could easily head off in different directions, since the subject matter was malleable and we were building as we went. Participants could share URLs and recommend links, and these were captured instantly and made into a live resource. The material was available immediately online and students could review or explore the materials covered from home in between classes. The futurists were able to access these notes and resources after they returned home from the conference, and no one was left with a pile of paper and the task of transcribing everyone's info/addresses into the computer and mailing them out to everyone else.

Both groups could post questions from their homes after I returned to California, and we could maintain contact and dialog, without being constrained by the limited time in the classroom or at the conference.

Overall, I felt both experiments were highly successful. The Wiki software made it easy to organize and present on a wide range of topics (see below) in a coherent manner. It was simplistic to update on the fly, and we weren't left with lots of outdated photocopies laying around as I kept revising my notes throughout the week. It also taught the students about the Wiki system, and some of them are continuing to use it more than a year later to collect/refine/publish their own ideas and work.

Day 1

General Overview: What is Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science? Why is it cool?

     You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change
     something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
                                                --R. Buckminster Fuller

     "Is it a disaster that one-fourth of the world's population is presently
     ill-fed, ill-housed and ill-clothed? Is it a disaster that one-third of all
     the people in Asia, South America, and Africa are protein-starved?  They are
     disasters because they affect the support and recycling of life. Because of
     our daily reporting system, we tend to think of a disaster happening in a
     shorter period of time rather than something chronic or of long-standing such
     as mental illness or slow protein starvation."
                        -- Harold L. Cohen - The Whole is the Particular (p.60)

Bucky Fuller's [Grand Strategy For Solving Global Problems]

(a nice 1-page overview of how this all fits together, and what needs to be done.)

Introduction to the [Reality Sculptors Project]

Shelter and Housing

Day 2

[Earthweek] column - regular diary of events happening around the planet. Useful tool for designers, as it lets you know where some disasters are, and what their overall effects have been on housing, life support, death tolls, etc.

Introduction to Wiki as collaborative tool. (This page, for example.)

Water Issues

Waste Processing

Food Production

Power Systems and Energy

Day 3

Advanced Topics


[Reality Sculptors]

Further Resources

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