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Details on the Eden Project-

Isn't a picture worth a thousand words?

With the help of research done by Jay Baldwin (a former student of Bucky and author of Bucky Works), the Eden Project is a series of massive domes that are located in the United Kingdom.

I'd say more about this great project, but find their site says it, and shows it far better than I can explain here.

Here's the link to thier site- http://www.edenproject.com/

The reason I've added it to the growing list of design science projects is two fold. The first is that the domes are magnificent in their design, also using the Tefzel material (the architects call it a different name) for the span of the cell frame. Any geodesic dome in and of itself merrits mentioning because they are the best man made structure for spanning a space while using the least amount of material, utilizing compression and tension at the same time. Now having said that one can build a dome (as they're called) a million different ways. The level of ephemeralization (ability to do more with less) depends on what materials are used, and how the structure is designed. If anyone's seen it in person, I'd love to hear what your impression of it was.

The second is that these domes represent a serious research effort in environmental control. And if we're to house, clothe and feed 100% of humanity, we'll need to know how to make it not only survivable, but enjoyable in climates that on their own might not be so much fun. For instance one of the domes has a tropical environment, and this is in England! Don't miss the 3D tour. It's pretty cool. And if you want to see more video, the Eden Project made a film depute in the latest James Bond film

Enjoy :-)

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