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I've taken all the comments on SoThere to heart...

Perhaps more earnestly than you could ever know. That's why, nearly 20 years ago, I decided to make "good news" my full-time business and set about to fill up every available niche of media space with info about stuff that it is really important to know!!!

Obvioulsy, my work has not yet achieved complete success -- which is not to say that I have not successfully filled a lot of niches. But it is to admit that there is still much to be done.

In this interest, this page is devoted to collaboratively developing a news release, aka: "The News Release," that shall -- at the perfectly proper moment in time -- introduce the accomplishments, visions, achievements and plans of the "Everybody Gets A Domehome" (working title, acronym: EGAD) project to everyone in the world. Thus I say...

Let's Just Do It!!!

Things that are needed for a news release include:

Once all these blanks are filled in...

Everyone's sentiments are organized into a comprehensive text and a dash of "warm and fuzzy" is mixed in. The end product will read like a "feature story" -- suitable for readers of many persuasions and for verbatim pubilcation (hopefully) thousands of newspapers and magazines.

Once we have an actual news release, with all the T's crossed and the I's dotted (and a nice letterhead logo with a mailing address and maybe a bunch of names/titles listed as our "advisory council"), and once everybody involved affirms that the "timing is right," then we all set about to distribute it by whatever means seem most prudent and useful at that time.


"Start with the end in mind." Where have I heard that before? And you gotta remember that when you're preparing a news release, you never prepare only one -- you prepare them as "a set of three."

Also, contact info on the news release will funnel all inquiries back to one or two designated folks, thus we'll see which media folks (donors, collaborators, sponsors, etc.) are most interested and strategically target future news releases to that group -or- choose to continue using the "shotgun" distribution approach until we start getting the kind of response we want.


Now, about filling-in the blanks...

Please feel free to begin, right here:

Notes from above:

Rather than a bureaucracy, Reality Sculptors (at least at this point) is designed as an "ad-hocracy", where people can self-assemble into work groups on an as-neede basis to address problems and projects. (This wiki is a great example.) The best way to get involved is to actually get inolved. And if we're all involved and doing things with the wiki and the website, and the list discussions are getting archived automatically on the website (they are), then we should be able to get out lots of information to those interested even without a dedicated staff of people doing marketing/communications stuff. (Granted, this needs lots more work, but the basic structure is in place to allow many-multi-person interactions to place without the need for centralized oversight.)


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