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Lightening The Load

Reducing your tonnage before you move

Before going on the move, and before even packing things up, I'd highly recommend getting a US$10 book that may save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds of shipping weight, not to mention days of packing/ unpacking.

The book is called "Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui" by a woman named Karen Kingston. (ISBN 0767903595 (alternate, search)) It's 179 pages, and small. About 5"x7". Amazon.com has it discounted by about 20%, and there are used copies available for less than that. They also have about 29 pages of the book available online.

Some parts of it read a bit "New-Agey", but overall there's a lot of very practical and easily digestible info in there that inspires you to go and tackle sorting out your stuff. We've given copies to many friends and been rewarded with stories of how they cleaned out their room/apartments/houses/etc. in very little time. Often, they've cleaned up something that has been untouched and troublesome for years, and been amazed at how easy it really was.

This book does work, and it feels good when you're done. (Seriously!) It's actually worth a re-read every year or so, too. (I'm about due for one. :-) )

Also along the line of cleaning out stuff you don't want and lightening your load, here are a few other strategies we've used over the years:

Over the years, my girlfriend, Stacie and I have employed what we call a "Calgon Box". This is a play on the old Calgon soap commercials where they said "Calgon, Take me away!" :-) A simple cardboard box does the trick, and we've actually put a label on ours that says "Calgon (Take me away!)" just so people know what it is and get the joke. (Variants like "Free stuff to good home" work just as well.)

Hopefully these sorts of things will be helpful to you. They have been to me in the past.



As a college student you realize that moving back and forth becomes part of who you are and who you are not. If you want to ask a pro "MOVER", college dormies are a good place to start. For myself, I learned that I must Reduce Reduce Reduce and eventually you find that what you need is what you have.

This is where finding who you are takes place in Moving.

That takes care of the cloths.

Now take the 40-pound box of ramen and place it flat on the laid out blanket. Next take your new wardrobe and throw them on top of the ramen. Now take each corner of the blanket and tie it around the pile. “Wait you forgot the books”. No, I did not. Now pick up the books in one arm and throw the blanket bag over your shoulder. And off you go.

To sum it up: What you have in your arms is either a 2-week camping trip or a simple life. You decide!

Alright I did not explain how you find who you really are. And you are correct. The answer is (try it then you will see).


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