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Reality Sculptors Wiki

This is the home page of the [Reality Sculptors] Wiki.

Wiki is a collaborative web-site tool that lets many people work on editing and building a web site. You can edit this page right now by clicking on the "Edit text of this page" link at the bottom of this or any wiki page.

(MANY thanks to SkeeterMurphy for helping PatrickSalsbury to set up this wiki, and for his time spent researching and evaluating the various flavors of wiki software, and picking out one that was easy to both use, and maintain. He kicked Pat's butt in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to get this up and running. Now we can all work on expanding it.)

You can find out more about the Wiki concept at Wiki:FrontPage.

We're running the UseMod:UseModWiki version of Wiki Software.

Wiki Editing Rules

The basic editing rules are simple: (Click "edit this page" to see how they look before formatting.)

Create new page links by joining two capitalized words, such as SamplePage. (This is called a [WikiName].) Wiki then auto-creates a link to that page (even if the page doesn't yet exist!) If the page doesn't exist, it has a question-mark after it, and when you (or someone else) first clicks on that, the new page is created.

You could also create a wiki link by putting double square brackets around a word, such as Users.

Regular URLs such as http://reality.sculptors.com/ don't need any special formatting. They create links automatically.

If you want to learn more advanced text editing rules, check out UseMod:TextFormattingRules, or our local DocPage?.

You can practice on our local SandBox, or on their [WikiWikiSandbox]. Another good thing to check out is the Wiki:TipsForBeginners page.

Wiki Subsections

The WorldFutureSociety wiki pages are here.

The MarsSociety wiki pages are here.

Look here for the online version of The Whole Future Catalog

Feel free to add your personal wikiname page to Users.

DesignScience notes and wikispace from PatrickSalsbury's Fall, 2001 visit to the [State University of New York at Oswego] as a guest lecturer for JohnBelt's classes on Design. This is also an experimental section on using wiki in a dynamic group situation, rather than a traditional whiteboard for note taking.

More to come... Feel free to add to these pages! :-)

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