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If you like what you see on the Reality Sculptors website, and would like to see more of this kind of work done, you are invited to join in the fun, or to contribute funds to further our research and projects.

First off, let me point out that your own time, mind-power, and participation in the Reality Sculptors Project is probably the most valuable contribution you could make. The richness and unpredictable synergies we encounter as people bounce ideas off of each other is extremely rewarding. But not everyone has the time, and sometimes it's easier to just make a financial donation. I realize this.

So the short form is: If you have the time/bandwidth, please join in the discussions, and create new pages in the Wiki, and figure out what area of Reality Sculptors you'd like to sculpt. If you have special talents or experience you can share, business skills or manufacturing capabilities, please consider how we could work together. Also, please check the Contributions & Support - Projects Page for some ideas on current project directions. People with tooling, injection molding, machining and rapid prototyping experience would be wonderful to bring on board at this time.

If you're short on time but still want to help out, you can make a contribution via PayPal (make payment to or through e-gold, (make payment to account #267045). Please also note whether or not you would like to be publicly recognized on the website for your support.

[As an aside, I think e-gold is a very cool system, conceptually, provided you're set up to use it. They allow you to make payments globally, similar to PayPal, but they use precious metals as their currency, figuring that silver, gold, platinum, and palladium are accepted just about everywhere, regardless of what the local currency unit is. The catch is that you have to deposit precious metals into your account to start, so it's not quite as easy as PayPal makes it, where you can just charge something to your credit card. In any event, I recommend checking the e-gold pages out just so you know what's out there. (One idea I came up with as a use for the e-gold system is a micro-payment system based on e-silver transactions (divisible down to fractions of a cent, which credit cards can't do) that could be used to drastically reduce the amount of spam landing in everyone's mailbox. ...But that's a project for another time...If you think I should focus my energies on that, please let me know.) I got an account with e-gold in early 2001, just to see what it was like, but I still haven't actually made any e-metal transactions. Nor do I keep a rabid eye on that account, so if you are thinking of sending me some metal, please also send me an email so I know to go check!]

Please note that Reality Sculptors is *NOT* a non-profit organization. We actually hope that these will be our first steps toward becoming a for-profit organization. You won't be able to write off your donation on your tax forms, but then again, neither will I. :-)

So far, Reality Sculptors has pretty much been a personal labor of love, so right now, any funds will probably go toward letting me continue to work on projects (more on this below), production of items for sale, and hopefully I'll eventually be able to get to the point where this is my full-time occupation. Once we get others who are ready to "jump into the fray" and give it a go as a real business, we'll figure out all the fun things that go with business finances, accounting, paychecks, and the like. For now, it's pretty much me doing this in my spare time. If you want to help in any way, by all means, please do!

That brings us to the one catch in this whole deal. (You knew there had to be a catch, right?) Given that I tend to do things in the opposite manner from what many people expect, I have one condition if you actually want to offer financial support: I'd like you to tell me what sort of things you think are most important, and which things you'd like more attention spent on. I realize that many places will happily take your money and not tell you what they're doing with it (or maybe use that money to send you dozens more pieces of mail asking for more money!) I would rather find out what sort of things you'd like to have worked on, and try to devote more attention to those things.

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Patrick Salsbury

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