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"Laws We'd Like To See"
This component of the Reality Sculptors Project is meant as a space where everyday people can post up laws that they'd like to see enacted. This idea has come about as a result of years of talking with friends and family, and hearing some very good suggestions for laws that could effect positive change in our society.

With any luck, our elected "representives" will study these and take them forward. Perhaps some of them may even come to be reality.

A few basic guidelines:

  • Try to be serious. They may be humorous or lighthearted laws, but make sure you don't post anything that you wouldn't actually want to live by. These MAY end up being part of your future.
  • Try to work within the existing set of suggestions posted, (that means you should read through them) and try not to contradict already existing laws. For example, the law that says "No 'rider bills' on other laws" means that you can't attach lots of riders to laws you post. Post each one separately.
  • If you feel something else should be repealed, append a suggestion for repealling to the law in question, and why you think it's important/necessary.

If you have ever had that feeling of "I could come up with a better law than that!", then this is your chance.

Have fun! :-)
2000-May-21 4:32pm salsbury


Answers in this category:
(Answer) All laws must fit on one single-sided, double-spaced, typewritten sheet of paper.
(Answer) No "rider bills" may be attached to other laws.
(Answer) All laws are dated, and expire automatically after a period of 10 years.
(Answer) Tax Day and Election Day are moved to the same day.
(Answer) Electronic Voting
(Answer) No Political Campaigning For More Than 60 Days
(Answer) All Campaign Contributions Are Taxable As Income
(Answer) US Immigration Restrictions are Removed
(Answer) All tax hikes must be labeled as such.
(Answer) Clarity and Brevity of Proposals Placed Before the Voting Public
(Answer) Exceptions
(Answer) Cancellations and Ammendments
(Answer) Budgets and Government Expenses
(Answer) "Line Item Taxation"
(Answer) Separation of Authorities
(Answer) Technical Accuracy in Political Discussion and Media Reporting
(Answer) The Ethnic Impartiality Act
(Answer) The Voting Freedom Amendment
(Answer) The Party Selection Amendment

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2002-Nov-30 8:19pm
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