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(Answer) (Category) The Reality Sculptors "Faq-O-Matic" :
What is this FAQ-O-Matic thing?
The FAQ-O-Matic is a very cool piece of software written primarily by John Howell. You can get full technical details, as well as instructions on how to set up your own by clicking on the "Faq-O-Matic" link at the bottom of this (or just about any) FAQ-O-Matic page.

Basically, it's a set of programs that allow you to contribute your knowledge and info to the web pages before you. You've probably seen FAQs, or Frequently-Asked-Questions files around the Net. Many of them are out of date, because the maintainer has had to tend to their own life, and doesn't have much time to devote to maintaining the FAQ.

FAQ-O-Matic automates the maintenance, so that things can be kept up to date, and expanded upon by everyone. The working premise is that no one has lots of time to maintain a FAQ, but everyone has a little time. And no one knows all the answers, but everyone knows a few answers. FAQ-O-Matic leverages this principle, so that everyone may contribute what they know, when they have the time, and it takes care of the rest.

Feel free to browse through the FAQ, and when you find an area where you know something and want to contribute, select the "Add a new answer" link. It will lead you through a sign-up/login procedure, and once you have a password (it gets emailed to you, usually within minutes), you may add your answer. Afterwards, you can keep using that password to add things whenever you wish.

If you're a member of one or more of the Reality Sculptors lists, and see a FAQ popping up there all the time, then this would be an excellent place to answer the question, and post to the list that it's been answered here in the FAQ-O-Matic.

You may also create new areas, based on list discussions and interest. Please act responsibly, and don't abuse the service.

Thanks, and have fun!


2000-Feb-02 6:05pm salsbury

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2000-Feb-02 6:05pm
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