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Date: 03/05/98

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Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 22:13:53 -0800
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Horkheimer wrote:
> That is my question, how can the government take a citizens private invention
> and then classify it, so they can't even benefit from it. I could see this
> happening during a war or something, but this I guess was invented during
> peace-time and airship patents are unfortunately not that important to national
> security. Heck, does this classification of patents, actually happen.

If you are an employee of the government, as Mike claimes he was, and
you invent something the government feels is important, and he says he
did, then the government owns your patent. If you do research for Lucent
or GE, it is the same thing. You get the name, but the owner is the
sponsor who paid for the research. The government does classify patents,
but if they did in this case, they don't intend to pursue it.

> You thought up the STRATACAM, Chris?

Let me clarify this. Invent, no. As stated in the previous post, cameras
and airships go together really well. I have DEVELOPED a really cool
platform for the movie industry to use instead of a helicopter.
Unmanned, stable, and much less expensive than a helicopter.
Josh, Ralph, or Bob could tell you that I explained all of this at our
first board meeting, and well before that. I coined the phrase
STRATACAM, and have 3 bigwiggs at 2 studios interested in trying the
damn thing. Mike has never mentioned such an item. He did know quite a
bit about mine though. I shared this with him in good faith. Now that he
and Bob have exhausted any chance of building a big ship for the grand
canyon, his original idea, they have decided instead to take the one
small market thier "friend" was persuing and plunder that instead. As I
said, I wouldn't have minded as much had they at least asked. I might
have even helped them. I think it is deplorable that they did this while
they knew I was building an airship for them!!!
Anyway, question answered.

> Thanks this is much clearer then the dialogue between you guys, at least I know
> the arguments now!

I sincerely hope it helps. I will caution you and everyone else though,
do not ask this person for help or give him money. I am beginning to
believe that the people that would be most interested in Mike's
"projects" might be Las Vegas BUNCO/Fraud division.


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