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Date: 03/06/98

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Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 16:01:54 -0600
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> > That is my question, how can the government take a citizens private invention
> > and then classify it, so they can't even benefit from it. I could see this
> > happening during a war or something, but this I guess was invented during
> > peace-time and airship patents are unfortunately not that important to national
> > security. Heck, does this classification of patents, actually happen.
> If you are an employee of the government, as Mike claimes he was, and
> you invent something the government feels is important, and he says he
> did, then the government owns your patent. If you do research for Lucent
> or GE, it is the same thing. You get the name, but the owner is the
> sponsor who paid for the research. The government does classify patents,
> but if they did in this case, they don't intend to pursue it.

But wouldn't it be listed somewhere?

> >
> > Thanks this is much clearer then the dialogue between you guys, at least I know
> > the arguments now!
> I sincerely hope it helps. I will caution you and everyone else though,
> do not ask this person for help or give him money. I am beginning to
> believe that the people that would be most interested in Mike's
> "projects" might be Las Vegas BUNCO/Fraud division.

Fine, but you guys were competitors right?

Donald Horkheimer

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