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Date: 04/24/98

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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 11:37:31 -0700
Subject: Re: floating houses / floating villages

-so, what's my economic motivation for building this monster in the
-first place?

***How about desperation. When the environment on the surface becomes too
crowded, or too pollutted. Mr. & Mrs. Survive Because Were Rich, would love
to have a place to live as the planet below them recovers.

***If we leave the surface alone, it would completely heal itself within a
The real problem at this point is...what do you do to lower the population
about 2 billion. Unless we can curb our population growth and act like
sentient beings, there will be 10billion of us by 2010! Even if we live
the surface will be hard pressed to support that kind of population.

***If you want any personal space, or freedom of movement, you will have to
go into the atmosphere.

     Why did we spend billions to put a man on the Moon? Where's the
economic rationale for that? There wasn't one. It was a nationalistic pride
thing. There have been lots of spinoff technologies from the act, but they
weren't the economic motivator.

***The single-purpose populace are a dangerous thing. Find something
that scares people, find a way to illustrate it, then suggest one monster
solution. If
the American people bite, watch out. It will get done. EXAMPLES:

Satan- Strange Little Girls -Salem witch trials
Socialism-Hitler-Involvment in WW2
Comminism-Infiltrators/Spys-McCarthy Hearings.
Russians-Sputnik-Apollo missions.
Nuclear War-Cuban Missles-Fallout Shelters everywhere
Physically Ugly President-Watergate-Resignation
Losing our oil-Saddam Hussein-Desert Storm

     And there have been studies that show already that some of the
larger domes that have been constructed weigh less ONCE THEY ARE
CONSTRUCTED than their components weighed before building began. This is
due to the lifting force of the air mass inside the completed dome.

***This is a cool little factoid Pat. Do you have a source? I would like to
read it.


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