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Subject: RE: X-plane
Date: Sat, 06 May 2000 11:23:48 -0700
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Got this reply from Jeremy.


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Subject: RE: X-plane

I bought X-plane some time ago, and it is very comprehensive with excellent
flight models etc. The design tool is primarily aimed aerodynamic modeling
of heavier-than-air craft(fixed wing, helicopter) and components(props,
controls surfaces etc.)

I am not sure it could be used for airship designs; the problem is whether
it can handle zero or negative weight. Assuming it can handle the concept
of lighter-than-air, you would have to do your own gas volume/weight
calculations. Even if it cannot handle it, I guess it could still be used to
check aerodynamic stability. I'll check it out and let you know.

On a similar subject, some time ago I read about some experiments with an
airship/fixed wing hybrid which had the aerodynamic properties of a fixed
wing craft, but used lighter-than-air gases to reduce its weight and
consequently power and fuel requirements. Anybody know about this project
and where it got to?


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> Has anyone seen this before? It seems to be both a super-duper flight
> simulator, AND an aerodynamics design tool. Apparently, they've done some
> pretty severe engineering math in the code, so it's good for
> designing actual
> airfoils, wings, etc.
> In fact, it's actually been in use by at least one company to design real
> planes.
> Might be a cool tool for designing static-hulled airships...
> Pat
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