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Date: 09/26/98

Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 20:47:30 -0700
Subject: Re: Construction of first sphere
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Pat, has a list begun? I want to get on it. I have had years of scuba
experience and was the team trainer for a paramedic rescue team. I have
been an ardent follower of Bucky's as I have mentioned before. I would
like to go on the list as construction crew. I know a couple of people on
the Monterey peninsula that could be excellent for some possible funding
and construction assistance. I also think that the UCMB and MB Aquarium
could be approached for some funding. It might be sold as a floating
"research city" among the other functions and features. For the
naysayers, it could easily float a few miles offshore, out of the line of
sight from the touristy areas, and would make an excellent platform for
whalewatching and day-trips. This, I'm sure has been thought of already,
but the time for action seems to bear ever closer. Is there a list ?
Where is the list ? Let's get one started and begin to break the problem
into manageable packets for dispersal. We keep saying money is the only
drawback, but are we really ready? or are we really ready to spend a
bunch on the big-budget plan? Where to next? Any professional project
managers out there? Let's do some active recruiting from other (banking,
business, philanthropic, research) newsgroups and even apply to some of
the grant houses for research funding. Hydrosphere I coming at ya!

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