Re: Terraforming Terra, and perhaps a new list?

From: Patrick Salsbury (
Date: 06/02/99

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Subject: Re: Terraforming Terra, and perhaps a new list? 
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 14:34:31 -0700
From: Patrick Salsbury <>

> quoth the Butterfly (mega snips)
> : We know that we're having an effect on the environment, and
> : we know the environment is constantly shifting and changing. (Death
> : Valley, USA was an inland sea just 13,000 short years ago, the Middle
> : East was far more lush and green 2000-4000 years ago, to name just a
> : few that humans haven't had anything to do with.)
> Say what? Agriculture and presumably deforestation have been going on
> in the Fertile Crescent for longer than that; are you sure they had
> NOTHING to do with its getting drier?

  Actually, I may retract that about the Middle East. Someone recently
mentioned how humans cut down most of the cedar forests there,
radically altering the environment, albedo, etc.
  Still supports my overall idea, though, and I don't think humans had
anything to do with Death Valley drying up.

> : Hmm... I seem to see a topic for another list in the
> : works. Does anyone out there want to run with this? If so, give a
> : shout, and I'll create a new forum for us to focus on this.
> Hm, I wish I'd thought of asking you to host the Martian Time list.
> Anton Sherwood *\\* +1 415 267 0685 *\\*

  Might still be possible. :-)

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