A trip to the World Future Society, and a new list!

From: Patrick Salsbury (salsbury_at_sculptors.com)
Date: 07/27/00

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 01:33:37 -0700
From: Patrick Salsbury <salsbury_at_sculptors.com>
Subject: A trip to the World Future Society, and a new list!
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Stacie and I just returned from the annual World Future Society meeting
(this year held in Houston, TX).

We had a great time, and met lots of cool people with great ideas. Today,
during the Professional Members Forum, we were brainstorming on ways to
help further the educational efforts in the field of futures study, and
I decided (surprise, surprise!) that a mailing list and online forum would
be an excellent way to facilitate discussion, share knowledge, collect and
archive information, etc. (Sounds very unlike me, I know. ;^) )

I also used this as an opportunity to get off my butt and create that list
that we were discussing back in Oct, '99 for the purpose of figuring out
how to develop programs for students and adults to help them think about
the future.

To this end, I'm very pleased to announce the formation of the new
'future-studies' mailing list, and would like to extend an invite to those
interested to join it.

The procedure is the same as all of the other lists I run. If you need a
refresher, check http://reality.sculptors.com/lists.html

This list is coming pre-loaded with a lot of very sharp and motivated folks
who are all pretty energized from the conference this week, so I suspect
that the list membership will probably grow to somewhere between 50 and 100
in the next few days, and should quickly develop a critical mass and have
lots of productive discussion. (We've got lots of notes and ideas from the
conference that will be carrying over into this space.)

We'll be using this as a place to recommend books, software, movies, and
other info relating to the study of the future, as well as a place for
students & teachers to interact, and develop curricula, lesson plans, etc.
for the K-12 grades, as well as college/university/adult education, and a
whole slew of other things.

If this sounds interesting to you, please join us!

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