Some initial ideas on topics and projects for future-studies

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Date: 07/28/00

Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 11:16:08 -0700
From: Patrick Salsbury <>
Subject: Some initial ideas on topics and projects for future-studies
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Hello, all, and welcome to the future-studies list!
        We've started to get a few people on board, and I suspect that more
will be showing up soon. Here's a post I made to some of my other lists
last fall, when I was first thinking about starting up this list.

There are various seed ideas in here, which I think we can hash out and
bring forward. If you see something that interests you, run with it. :-)

Obviously, we've finally decided on a name, and I think at this early
stage, we should probably keep it to one list, so we can build a critical
mass. After a while, it will be obvious to us in which directions we want
to go, and we can fork off new lists as needed to address specific issues.

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Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 17:24:38 -0700
From: Patrick Salsbury <>
Subject: New lists for kids & their teachers... Opinions sought.

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I've been thinking for a long time about starting some lists focusing
on developing curricula for students, and also as a place for sharp
kids to hang out and learn/talk/create-things about the future.

In talking with various folks, we decided that we needed something
descriptive enough to catch the attention of the right folks, yet
short enough that it doesn't drive everyone mad when they type it in
the To: lines in email. A name like "Just for kids!", while somewhat
apropos for a place for kids to talk, is rather vague.

Here's an exerpt from a note to another list member. What do the rest
of you think?

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Oh, and I've been thinking about those new lists. What do you think about:
'future-kids' and 'future-teachers'?

They're both kind of double-meaning, since many of the future-kids may
become future-teachers, and because future-teachers can either be teaching
*about* the future, or *in* the future (or both!).

And of course, I'm hoping that some adults consider themselves
'future-kids', too. :-)

Still open to other names. That was was we came up with last week in
talking with Stacie and Eric (from the other dome house). Something catchy,
descriptive, and not too long, since it will be a list name.

If you like them, maybe we should post to Domesteading and see what the
others think of those names.


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        The basic charter of them would be sort of interlocked. The
kids' list would be where schoolkids of K-12 range could discuss things,
including the sorts of things they'd like to work on or learn about,
and the teachers could monitor that for ideas to flesh out in their
own list, where lesson-plans could be developed,
charts/graphics/teaching aids could be produced, etc. My hope is that
teachers from around the world could use it as a resource. They could
download PostScript files and print out their own lesson-plans and
workbooks, with short (1-2 week) science units, things to try, etc.

        Another thing I'd like to accomplish with these lists is the
republication or "extension-done-in-the-spirit-of" a book called "The
Kids' Whole Future Catalog", by Paula Taylor (whom I'd like to locate,
if anyone knows how to contact her.) There's a cover-image at and that site has a WONDERFUL
database of about 600 different children's books about space
exploration and space science. Well worth a dig.

        I'd like to eventually produce a website with links/info to
future related subjects (both in the Reality Sculptors Project, and
elsewhere), as well as things kids can do, places they can send away for
more info, etc. The original book was written much like the "Whole Earth
Catalogs", and covered topics such as life-extension, floating cities,
movable houses, space exploration, arcologies, hydroponics, future
medicine, computers, etc. (And no, I didn't grow up with it. I actually
found it while in college. :-) )
      I *DO* however feel it's very important to get something similar
out in a format that can be downloaded by kids and their teachers all
over the world. Regardless of whether they can afford to buy a
published printed book (or thirty copies for a class.) This is why
I'd like to approach it from a website/PostScript file angle, and
produce a set of documents that can grow and spread without limit, or
the whims of publishing houses. ("The Kids' Whole Future Catalog",
despite my opinions, and those of everyone I've ever shown it to, has
been out of print for years.)

        Anyone interested? Anyone out there a teacher, or want to be
one? Or know of teachers who might be interested?

        Also, what do you think of the 'future-kids' and
'future-teachers' names? Other suggestions? It takes me about 30
seconds to create a list, so all we need are some good names that will
catch the attention of the sorts of folks we'd like to attract.

        If you know of other folks who might be interested in this
project, please let them know. Feel free to pass this note
on. Whatever we decide upon for the final name (probably within the
next week or so), it will be posted, along with subscription
instructions, at

      If you've been passed this note by a friend and are interested,
check there, and sign up!

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